World Cup Day Two Notes

* Mexico was denied two perfectly valid goals for off-sides, adding to the growing list of refereeing errors thus far. None of the errors seemed to be called with bad intent, but still … if Mexico will be eliminated on goal differential, they will have a gripe. Croatia surely do.

* Van Persie, goal of the tournament that will be hard to beat.

* Very impressive showing by Mexico fans, in the constant pouring rain no less.

* Love Holland’s Daley Blind. His value just skyrocketed. Nice midfield player, great vision.

* Don’t write off Cameroon. They have quality players and can definitely make life difficult for Croatia or Brazil.

* You can bet Dutch travel agents have been busy after the Spain match.

* Chile looked like it was going to out-do Holland and rout Australia early on, only to be lucky to come away with all three points. Australia had a few chances to tie the game and fought bravely, respect. But the highlight of that encounter were the Chile fans, what an incredible performance!

* So far, excellent!

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