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Champions League Match Day 3 Notes

A few surprises on UEFA’s Champions League Match Day 3, none bigger than Rubin Kazan’s improbable win in Barcelona against a Barca side that seemed a bit over exerted, but otherwise on top of its game. Milan achieved a very…

Still Bitter?

An uninspired Simon Kuper laid out some bizarre maxims in his recent Financial Times article about Diego Maradona’s Argentina.


An enjoyable week-end of attractive performances and a bit of theatre concluded in Milan Sunday night, with the home side squeezing past Roma for the desperately need three points, albeit controversially. Chelsea predictably encountered a gritty Villa side that declared…

Joy and Sadness

Joy in Honduras, Switzderland and Slovakia; Sadness in Ecuador and Costa Rica

Road to South Africa

The World Cup picture got clearer Saturday on a thrilling day of qualifiers that left winners celebrating in the streets from Copenhagen to Santiago, while the heartbreak of missing out on South Africa will linger for a long time for…


It is still early, but eight matches into the Premiership season Liverpool have already lost three and will need to be very efficient going forward to stay in contention. Man Utd helped everyone else’s cause last Sunday by losing two…

On Tap

If time is in short supply this week-end, Sunday is the day.

Champions League Match Day 2 Notes

Sevilla, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester Utd, Barcelona and Lyon took control of their respective groups on an entertaining Champions League Match Day 2.

Looking at Ibra for Eto’o

Mourinho is still animated about what he regards as the biggest coup of the year, Inter’s acquisition of Samuel Eto’o, along with 46 million euros, in exchange for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Old School

If there was any doubt about Milan’s prospects this year after the Inter derby humiliation a few weeks ago, it is now clear to even the most optimistic rossoneri that the problems are real and that there is no quick…

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