It is still early, but eight matches into the Premiership season Liverpool have already lost three and will need to be very efficient going forward to stay in contention. Man Utd helped everyone else’s cause last Sunday by losing two points at home to modest Sunderland, which prompted Sir Alex … Continue reading

Sensational Palermo!

Something never before seen, and, likely, never again.  In a game not for the faint-hearted, Roman Riquelme scored a "golasso" for Boca to tie the score at the Bombonera against  city rivals Velez, certainly a contender for goal of the week in Argentina.  But then 9 minutes later the play that … Continue reading

Welcome to 91minute!

91minute presents commentary, perspective and analysis of the world's game with weekly contributions in the form of week-end retrospectives, original perspectives and previews of upcoming matches. This initiative welcomes interactive participation. The global community of aficionados is invited to … Continue reading